Anti Social Behaviour

Karin will seek to take swift and effective action to resolve anti social behaviour (ASB). Karin will work to improve the quality of life for our residents and the wider community by promoting multi-agency work to tackle ASB. Our staff have right to be treated with respect when doing their job.

We will not tolerate criminal damage to property, drugs, fireworks misuse, fly-posting and graffiti, fly tipping, litter and waste, high hedges to our property, hindering emergency services, hoax calls, vehicle nuisance, intimidation and any form of harassment, noise nuisance, prostitution and kerb crawling, rowdy and nuisance behaviour during the day or night.

We will use effective tools to take perpetrators to court using enforcement tools and powers, community engagement, partnership working, and all other various resources.

Anti-social behaviour causes lasting harm to individuals and the community and must be stopped at the earliest opportunity, when the minimum harm has been caused. In many instances anti-social behaviour can be stopped if it is challenged early enough: hence the importance of early warnings, visits or letters in preventing an escalation of problems.

  • We will listen and take all reports of ASB or harassment seriously and deal with them promptly.
  • We will immediately inform all appropriate agencies.
  • We will investigate the problem as quickly as possible.
  • We will ensure confidentiality and obtain the complaint’s agreement before speaking to the alleged perpetrator of the nuisance or harassment or contacting other agencies.
  • We will advise and discuss the options for effective action with the complaint.
  • We will carry out what is agreed and keep residents/tenants informed of progress.
  • We will seek to take preventative measure and work in partnership with other agencies.
  • We will take court action if necessary to stop ASB for example we may obtain an Injection Possession Order.

Should you require to raise a complaint, please refer to our complaint’s policy found in the policies and procedures page. Your complaint can be sent to