Karin’s Background,Vision, Mission & Goals


Karin Housing Association (Karin) was initially established in 1988 as the Karin Housing Co-op. Its founder members were a group of black women who wanted to address the housing and social need of ethnic minority refugees mainly from the Somali Community and other ethnic groups in East London.

Karin is an exempt charity registered (XR33775) with the Financial Authority under the Industrial and Providence Society Act 1965. Although Karin is not registered with the Housing Corporation, it has directly or indirectly adopted many policies and new management approach through local authorities, funded bodies and housing partners. Karin has been delivering effective public services, which are efficient, effective, and accountable and offer good value for money. At the same time engaging local communities, improving their user participation and working effectively with partners.

Karin will measure its progress towards the objectives of Business plan through a set of milestones which are set out in the Business and Corporate Plan. Its strategy is to build on partnership it has entered into with registered Social landlords (RSLs). It will also launch a public relationships and marketing exercise to help it acquire more properties. Other needs of its clients will be met through working in partnership with various community organisations offering a variety of services ranging from employment to education and health

Karin’s Vision.

  • to help ensure that there is fairness in housing mainly in east and north London.

Karin’s Mission

  • Managing and providing housing east London for people from all communities,   whilst delivering an inclusive housing service that is based on: inclusion, opportunity, quality, integrity and diversity.


a. good and ever improving housing management
b.  more high quality housing
c. continued financial strength
d. well run by people who come from all the communities in London


  • Meeting its obligation
  • promoting fairness in its services and employment
  • listening and responding to tenants views
  • Create good governance and accountability

Key plan

  • more homes into management
  • taking managed homes into ownership initially 35 homes from June 2016
  • always seeking better value for money
  • safeguarding the position of vulnerable people living in homes managed by Karin.


  •  managing permanent, short life , private sector housing see annex 2 for 2014  information performance
  • registration with HCA in 2013
  • good working relationship with owning RPs
  • financial strength
  • housing people in need from all communities