Your Rights as a Tenant

As a Karin tenant you will either be a secure tenant or an assured tenant. As a Karin occupant you enjoy almost the same rights whether your tenancy is assured or secure. Tenants are provided with a copy of the tenants’ charter when they sign their tenancy agreement. If you do not have a copy of the tenant charter please call housing services on 020 7392 9622.

Your responsibility as a Tenant

As either a secure or assured tenant, you have responsibilities. These are set out in details in your tenancy agreement. They include:

  • Paying your rent and service charges on time
  • Not causing a nuisance
  • Not harassing anyone
  • Not causing any damage to the property you live in or the communal area

We want our services to be accessible to everyone who needs them. We aim to tackle discrimination and to promote equality for everyone whatever their race, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation or faith.

We value the diversity of our borough and are committed to delivering housing services that recognise the distinctive needs of the many communities who live in East London today.

We expect our occupants, members of their household and their visitors, to behave towards others in the community with care and consideration.