Karin is an exempt charity (XR33775) registered with the Financial Services Authority under the Industrial and Providence Society Act 1952 (26815). Karin has 20 years of housing management and related services.

Karin provides a comprehensive housing management package which includes allocations and lettings, rent collection, maintenance and repairs, dealing with rent arrears, anti social behaviour complaints, sustainable development, regeneration, court proceedings and evictions.

We are also provide in addition community services that include:

  • advice and advocacy to the Somali community on housing and related social issues
  • working in partnership with other housing sectors to get more properties
  • Somali Intergeneration project in which we bring together different generations to share with their different experience, knowledge, story telling and skills.
  • Healthy eating project for 15 Somali women
  • supplementary education support service which based on cultural and language
  • Somali Intergeneration Project for bringing together different generation together.