Statement of Karin’s Values

We care about our tenants/service users and work together with a shared passion and desire to make a difference. We have a clear and strong set of values that help us to achieve our vision and mission.

  • A culture of openness, honesty and accountability
  • Continuously strive for the highest possible level of professionalism and efficiency and deliver the highest standard of quality services
  • Continues to address the housing and social needs and aspirations of all communities in London
  • Create an environment where our employees are valued and realise their full potential
  • Work in partnership with other housing associations, mainstream service providers, communities, private companies and agencies to address poverty and social issues
  • Promote and value diversity and combating inequalities and social exclusion
  • Listening to our tenants/users and involve them in the decision making process

Karin HA also supports the community as a whole and provides Housing Advice and supports filling in forms for community members with language barriers. We signpost and work together with different organisations to better the community. Among our projects include the Healthy Eating Project for low-income households and our Getting into Work Project to support jobseekers with finding placement and training. We also provide ESOL classes and are planning to provide after-school activities for low-income and working parents if we find the space.