Who is responsible for what?

The association is legally responsible for keeping the structure of your home in a good state of repairs. This includes:

  • The roof, walls, window, doors and door frames, floor, ceiling and plaster work, skirting boards, drains and gutters.
  • The installations for the supply of water, gas and electricity to your home.
  • The maintenance of garden fences and boundary walls as well as pathways.
  • Maintaining and decorating common halls and stairways.

Tenants are responsible for:

  • minor repairs, such as door handles, tap, washers, small plaster crack
  • Fitting mortice locks or adding extra security
  • Replacing broken window, except where the association is responsible for the breakage
  • Maintaining garden
  • Internal decoration
  • Clearing blocked sinks, WCs and baths where the blockage is caused by a tenant or a member of their household
  • Infestation of insect or mice

If you are not sure then it is advisable to check your tenancy agreement.