Our Communites

Karin believes that we owe a duty of care to its several stakeholders and customers. Our primary focus is our tenants and the wider customer base in the community to whom we have a responsibility to provide information, impartial advice and support. Our responsibility is shared with other community organisations with whom we work in partnership.

Karin conducts yearly surveys for its tenants to review and engage tenant’s views, customer satisfaction, sharing information and ideas. This is to improve how we support their needs. We also have a culture of mutual trust, respect with our joint working partnership groups and with our tenants, board members, staff and volunteers. We are working together towards a common goal for better housing conditions and services. We are striving towards a better understanding of problems and a consensus on practical solutions which will enable us to deliver a better quality service.

Improving housing services through direct service user involvement

For us as an organisation tenant involvement is fully integrated into the approach to service improvement and review. Tenants are involved in all aspects of the business from strategy development and service review through to implementing and monitoring service delivery. Karin seeks to set clear strategies, developed by members, officers, tenants and other key stakeholders and partners, for involving tenants pro-actively throughout decision-making processes.

We will ensure that tenants are supported by effective (joint) training, capacity building, etc. and as a result are able to scrutinies and challenge performance through a range of idea.

This can include a wide range of methods for working with tenants, including more innovative and less formal approaches. Tenants have a choice about the level of control and influence they want with clear aims and objectives, a good understanding of relative costs and benefits of involvement to maximise value for money and effectiveness, and robust monitoring and review arrangements.

Karin wishes to provide clear demonstrable evidence that tenants’ views have made a difference through a range of measurable outcomes.