Lodgers and Sub-letting

Can I take a lodger?

A lodger is someone who is a guest in your home who contributes towards the cost of your household. You can take a lodger providing you do not overcrowd your home by doing so. You must write to Karin and seek permission in advance, giving us details of the lodger.

Can I rent out (Sub-Let) my home?

You cannot rent out (sub-let) your entire property. However, if you are a secure tenant you can apply to sub-let part of your home, providing this would not cause you to become overcrowded However Karin will not be responsible to carry out repair works on that part of your home. You must write to us in advance giving us details of the part of your home you propose to sub-let.

If you get social benefits, like housing benefit or income support, you must tell the income support office or housing benefit office that you are sub-letting part of your property as it may affect the amount of benefits you are entitled to.